There is a shortage of appointments with all our clinicians. We are doing our best to fulfil the needs of our patients, but please be aware we may not be able to provide an appointment within our usual timeframes.  Where possible, please make use of other NHS resources such as the Pharmacy First Service (age 1-64) for minor ailments, Healthier Together and NHS111

Non NHS Fees

HGV / Taxi MedicalsFrom £115.00
Please be aware that there can be a minimum of 6 weeks waiting time for these appointments
Medical Insurance Claim FormFee to be confirmed upon receipt of request
Sick Note£16.00
Ofsted Reports£87.50
Adoption MedicalsFee to be confirmed*
*Patient pay on doctors time and payable in advance of medical - fee to be confirmed upon receipt of request
Fostering MedicalsHealth Authority pays for these reports
Holiday Cancellation Certificates / Fitness to travelFee to be confirmed
To Whom it May Concern LettersFrom £35.00
Private Blood TestsFee to be confirmed
Firearms FormsFirst application £175.00
Firearms FormsRenewal £115.00
There will be other charges not listed above for private consultations, prescriptions and other private medical forms. These will be provided upon receipt of request