There is a shortage of appointments with all our clinicians. We are doing our best to fulfil the needs of our patients, but please be aware we may not be able to provide an appointment within our usual timeframes.  Where possible, please make use of other NHS resources such as the Pharmacy First Service (age 1-64) for minor ailments, Healthier Together and NHS111

Sharing medical information with a third party

You may, at some point, have a need to ask a relative or carer to contact us on your behalf. 

Due to the strict rules and guidelines we work to, we require your written consent to permit us to share this information with another specified person. This is then recorded on your medical record so that all staff at the Practice are aware of your wishes. 

A copy of the consent form can be obtained from reception or download a copy here

Once fully completed please return it to the Practice.  

There are many ways we are required to share your data with the NHS.